5 Pillars for Creating your Modern Unbound Enterprise with Data-Centric SASE


Even before 2020, we knew where digital transformation was taking us. But we had no idea how quickly it would arrive. Because of the pandemic, our journey in cloud migration happened almost overnight. As a result, businesses today are less constrained by traditional network infrastructure and designated worksites. And, while we’ve always had some agility to shift work between on-prem and remote, we’re seeing the beginning of the new age of the Unbound Enterprise in which people have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime.

Join this discussion to see how the new ways that people are accessing and using data—in multiple locations, on different devices, over the internet, in public and private clouds—are greatly accelerating the need to replace siloed infrastructure that can’t keep up. We’ll connect the dots on how you can take a “human-centric” SASE approach that puts users and data at the center of cloud-based security to make your business more agile and safer, all while cutting complexity and cost.


  1. Make working anywhere seamless and easy to deploy
  2. Protect data everywhere with a single set of policies enforced uniformly from endpoints to the cloud
  3. Automatically personalize security based on people’s behavior and the risk they present


  • Michael Gutsche, Edge Security Strategist, Forcepoint
  • Dr. Shawn Murray, Director, ISSA International Board of Directors
  • Frederick Doyle, President & CEO, CubicPrism Analytics
  • Lee Neeley, Moderator and Senior IT and Cybersecurity Professional, LLNL

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