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Learn, connect, and collaborate at the Cyber Voice Zero Trust Summit. October 27th.

Breaking Bad...or Good?

HR and Security Partnering to Protect Employees and Business Data

Insider threat detection. Employee monitoring. Background checks. These techniques pose social, ethical, legislative and security challenges – but are also effective ways for organizations to guard its most important data assets.

In this session, Dr. Richard Ford and Kristin Machacek Leary explain the most effective way to proactively mitigate insider threats – fusing technology with a people-centric approach based on understanding employee intent. Forward-looking security programs balance employee privacy with data, IP and user protection. Forcepoint offers perspectives and recommendations from the human resources and technology executives who share these responsibilities.

Dr. Richard Ford, Chief Scientist, Forcepoint
Kristin Machacek Leary, Chief Human Resources Officer, Forcepoint