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Bringing the Zero Trust Mindset to Data Security


The traditional approach to data security is increasingly inadequate. Old solutions introduce too much business friction, yet they still fall short when it comes to preventing data exfiltration. We need to approach data security differently to make tools like DLP, encryption, and tokenization more responsive to the security needs of the decentralized, cloud-driven workplace.

Introducing the core concepts of Zero Trust to your data security posture ensures that all people in your organization are continuously being authenticated and authorized to have access to applications and data. A successful Zero Trust approach leverages dynamic, proactive, ongoing user risk assessment based on behavioral analytics to consistently prevent data breaches, while enhancing productivity rather than hindering it.

In this session, you’ll learn more about bolstering data security with the Zero Trust mindset, including:

  • How Zero Trust and behavioral analytics can maximize the effectiveness of data security solutions for increasingly mobile and remote workforces
  • How data security traveling with data (like fingerprinting) can help in today’s distributed environment
  • How security leaders are implementing these concepts in their environments and solutions

SPEAKERS: Nico Popp, Chief Product Officer, Forcepoint and Sean Sweeney, Chief Security Advisor, Microsoft

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