The C-Suite Report: Business and Security Strategies for The Unbound Enterprise Webcast


Executives agree in the vast potential for integrated, converged security approaches, believing security is the path to innovation and competitive advantages. That is the upshot from the new “The C-Suite Report: Business and Security Strategies for The Unbound Enterprise.”

Join Elizabeth Nann, executive director of Consumer Insights for Wall Street Journal, and Nico Fischbach, global CTO and vice president of SASE Engineering, both with unique personal insights on the view from the board and SOC.

The twin realities of distributed workforces and digital transformation have forced enterprises into a permanent strategy of enabling productivity from anywhere while securing data everywhere. In response, 90% of CEOs are looking to adopt or have adopted SASE, according to The C-Suite Report. The acceleration of SASE raises many questions.

First, what exactly is SASE? SASE is set of services at the intersection of cloud security with network security. Forcepoint sharpens the focus on data protection – what we call Data-first SASE.

Elizabeth’s and Nico’s share insights on:

  • How you can adapt your company to SASE and cloud consumption models
  • How much new innovation your company should take on as part of the journey to the new model
  • How to choose the right SASE partner – and the capabilities and services to look for
  • Ways to avoid fragmentation while implementing unified policy, unified reporting and better user experience
  • How SASE can pave the way to ultimately get to a frictionless user experience
  • Why Zero Trust and SASE are better together

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