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Learn, connect, and collaborate at the Cyber Voices Zero Trust Summit. October 27th.

SASE Summit: A CEO's Perspective on SASE

If a CEO asks their CISO, what would it take to enable 100% of employees to work remotely? Pre-pandemic the CISO would ask for more time and resources including budget. But the reality is organizations needed to move quickly and safely to enabling employees to work remotely.

In a recent Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) CyberSummit, Forcepoint CEO Matt Moynahan, reflects on how the necessity for organizations to rapidly switch to remote working has shown what is possible. This provides an opportunity for security teams to rethink their strategy for today’s new business reality and implement a model that put users and data at the center.

Join Matt as he shares his vision for revolutionizing cyber security.

Presenter name, title and company
Matt Moynahan, CEO, Forcepoint