Cybersecurity in a Changing World - Navigating the Path Forward


Go behind the numbers of "The C-Suite Report: The Current and Future State of Cybersecurity" in this webinar featuring expert insights from the Wall Street Journal and Forcepoint.

The stark reality is that attackers today have a +90% success rate. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” they will breach your network.

There has never been a greater opportunity or impetus to get cybersecurity right than this moment in time. Your business literally depends on it. But how do you navigate the path forward when there are growing disparities today between CEOs and CISOs on the most effective cybersecurity path forward?

Join Elizabeth Nann, Executive Director of Consumer Insights for Wall Street Journal, and Carl Leonard, Principal Security Analyst at Forcepoint, for an insightful discussion on key findings from the report and implications for both the industry and your business today.

Highlights of the discussion will include:

  • Overcoming a lack of common vocabulary between CEOs and CISOs in communicating cyber risks and business impacts
  • Navigating disparities in CEOs' proactive approach and CISOs' reactive approach to cybersecurity
  • Why, despite claiming vendor fatigue, CISOs use more than 50 security vendors on average today and more than 62% report they want even more

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