Cybersecurity Simplified for Retail & Hospitality


The working models of protecting the edge are no longer enough. Users and apps are everywhere, so it’s essential to protect your data everywhere, too. Secure Service Access Edge (SASE) makes it possible for people to work safely from anywhere. And, with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) principles applied, you can ensure explicit permissions are in place throughout your organization.

A data-first SASE architecture with built-in ZTNA helps you ensure each person has access to the data they need and allows you to implement appropriate control points based on the usage of that data. See how you can create an integrated cloud and network security strategy using the power of a data-first approach.

Key takeaways:

•    Protect remote workers both on the web and in the cloud while controlling cloud and private app access without VPNs
•    Connect and protect branch offices as well as safeguard data use everywhere
•    Monitor user risk at all times

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