Enabling Safe Remote Working with Zero Trust


Getting to the web and public cloud is easy; getting to private apps is a lot trickier, especially when we’re working from home. Doing it all safely is even harder. Keeping advanced threats out and sensitive data in when people are outside the traditional boundaries of enterprise security is more important than ever.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is the modern approach to giving remote workers access to private apps. It eliminates the complexities and bottlenecks of using VPNs. Delivering ZTNA from a cloud platform also provides enterprises with the latest capabilities for safeguarding against internet-based attacks, compromised endpoints, “dirty” Wi-Fi networks, and even risky users.

In this session, you’ll learn how a Zero Trust approach to providing access to web, cloud, and private apps can:

  • Make your users everywhere more productive and lower your operations costs
  • Keep advanced threats out so you can safely move to the cloud
  • Give you visibility into and control over data in your cloud

SPEAKERS: Carl Eberling, Chief Information Officer, Forcepoint, Merritt Baer, Principal Security Architect, Amazon Web Services, and Ravi Srinivasan, VP, Solutions Marketing, Forcepoint

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