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From Reactive to Proactive Data Protection

In today’s world, organizations typically audit data access and use rather than enforcing protection policies. As a result, security teams spend their energy investigating data incidents, identifying breaches and cleaning up after the incident. But with a greater focus on how organizations are protecting data and responding to regulations, can we move to a world where we actually stop data breaches from occurring but without impacting the productivity of the workforce?

In this session, Security Evangelist Chris Boorman and Director of Product Marketing Mike Smart, analyze this challenge using the Data Protection Maturity Curve and map how organizations can move from the Data Swamp, through Visibility and Analysis to a state of Proactive Automation.

How valuable is your data? Watch our video discussion and learn how you can move your organization along the maturity curve.

Dr. Chris Boorman, Security Evangelist, Forcepoint

Mike Smart, Director Product Marketing, Forcepoint