The Future of Cybersecurity - CXO Online


While companies increasingly rely on the modern strategies of global growth, transition to the cloud and a flexible workforce to increase productivity and profits, these same efforts can spread sensitive and critical data in a way that opens the door to new threats and new challenges. It’s more important than ever for successful companies to rely on modern security strategies to keep critical data and employees safe in a risky and complex world.

Watch the discussion unfold that seeks to answer ‘If cybersecurity was just created today what would it look like and what improvements could be made to better serve your role in the organization?’


About the speakers

Hamish Taylor
Former CEO of Eurostar, Sainsbury's Bank and Vision UK

Lisa Forte
Renowned Global Voice on the Human Side of Cyber Security & Social Engineering. In 2018 she won the “Top 100 Women In Tech” Award recognizing her achievements and contributions to the cyber security industry.

Nico Fischbach
As Global CTO, Nico Fischbach drives corporate level vision, defines the research agenda, and pilots technology and architecture road maps that underpin Forcepoint's human-centric cybersecurity solutions.

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