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Francisco Partners to Acquire Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies.

How to Build the Best Security Test - A Miercom Webcast

Will your defenses withstand the next big threat? As security professionals, the livelihoods of our organizations’ depend on our ability to protect systems from advanced threats and prevent data loss. You use security testing to reveal flaws, weaknesses, and check for data leakage.

Here’s how to understand what a “passing” result means to the overall health of your network.  Watch the “How to Build the Best Security Test” webinar to learn methods top tier testing services utilize to measure organizational effectiveness against APTs, zero-day and other advanced threats.
Your DLP technology may be preventing your security solution from stopping data leaks. Watch to find out:

  • How to gauge end-to-end true security effectiveness against unknown threats.
  • Why internal testing environments often yield incomplete results.
  • Putting test reports in context: Measuring what is relevant to your business.

What does it all mean for your organization? Get enlightened and protect your data!