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How Privileged Users Increase the Chance of a Data Breach


Did you know that privileged users often are your riskiest employees?

It’s unsettling but true; the people most accountable for an organization’s security are those most likely to compromise it. Privileged user accounts — IT administrators, application developers and C-suite executives — have caused some of the most recent high-profile breaches.

Join Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute, and Michael Crouse, Director of Insider Threat Strategies at Forcepoint™ as they discuss why individuals with the most access to high value information assets also pose the most serious insider risk.

  • 66% of respondents say privileged users look at information out of curiosity.
  • More than 33% say privileged users are not properly vetted – or even have their backgrounds checked.
  • Only 43% of organizations feel they have the capability to effectively monitor privileged user activity.

Download this webcast to discover the latest trends of data risk by privileged users.

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