How Zero Trust Protects Against Threats Using SASE


With people changing where they’re working once again—mixing home, office, and travel—security has to change to keep up. Instead of relying physically seeing who is connecting to the network, many organizations are looking to best practices such as Zero Trust to control how remote workers access and use sensitive information.

Zero Trust’s “never trust, always verify” principle, which is increasingly being delivered as a service through SASE cloud security, is providing a new foundation for safely connecting workers no matter where they are to web content, cloud apps, and internal private applications.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Why Zero Trust matters with a remote workforce
  2. How organizations are using SASE to deliver Zero Trust as a service to address advanced threats
  3. How SASE and Zero Trust work together to go just securing access to providing continuous control over data even after it has been downloaded


Nick Cavalancia, Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP
Jim Fulton, Director of SASE and Zero Trust Solutions
Dave Barnett, Head of Edge Protection, EMEA

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