Human Behavior: The Heart of a Successful Insider Threat Program


What does “Insider Threat” mean to you? For some it means user activity monitoring; some insider risk or data loss protection; for others: risk compliance, and for the adventurous, continuous evaluation and verification. No matter what you name your insider threat program, or what your mission is, all insider threat programs center around human behavior and visibility.

In fact, the cybersecurity industry overall is recognizing the need to center around human behavior. Nothing identifies this new understanding better than RSA’s theme: “Human Element”. Human behavior is complex and voluminous, a successful program requires automated and adaptive risk management to rapidly respond to constantly changing threats independent of the individual mission. A successful program must also take a holistic approach, rather than point solutions, to address the mobile workforce, and organizations shift to cloud storage. In this session Mike addresses these unifying elements of a successful program.

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