The Human Threat: Breaking Down Insider Risk


Identifying and stopping insider threats continues to be one of the biggest security challenges facing organizations today. They range from the ‘good’ employee engaging in unintentional risky activity, the employee being targeted by external bad actors, to the worst case scenario, the malicious insider. In this more complex remote world, what strategies are available to surface threats – and can we stop them before they cause a breach?

In this session, Forcepoint’s Director of User & Data Protection, Michael Crouse is joined by special guest, Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Darren Mott to share their experiences in helping organizations and government bodies develop their insider threat programs:

Topics include:

  • Real insider threat cases and their outcomes
  • Insider threat vectors and the telltale signs of exploit
  • The role of technology in providing meaningful visibility to protect “the crown jewels”
  • Investigating behavioral changes and the impact of social distancing
  • How to minimize losses and collateral damage
  • Practical steps you can implement today

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