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Leveraging Thin Clients and CSfC to Improve Remote & Tactical Communications Across the DoD

Tactical programs and agencies continue to grapple with the challenge of communicating securely and accessing mission critical information over distributed mission and partner networks, while enabling mobility. As the DoD becomes increasingly more global and mobile, programs and agencies are turning to cross domain, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) solutions to address these challenges.

This webinar will introduce attendees to the fundamentals of VDI, cross domain solutions and CSfC. The webinar will cover a superior option for VDI—the Multi-Level Thin Client, which provides simultaneous access to multiple classified networks from a single endpoint device. Combined with CSfC solutions, these technologies can reduce the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of distributed network access and enable organizations to effectively reduce partner network deployment complexity and cost.

Join Charlie Kawasaki, chief technology officer, PacStar, and Rob Link, principal engineer, Forcepoint, to learn:

  • How and why advanced VDI options can ensure secure communications across the DoD—from remote offices to the tactical edge.
  • How CSfC can play a role in deploying VDI to the tactical edge, and how it can work in combination with VDI to enable classified and partner network access.
  • How Forcepoint’s Thin Clients and PacStar’s tactical CSfC solutions provide a secure CSfC networking solution for deployable installations to support globally dispersed sites.
  • How Forcepoint & PacStar improve DoD communications while both satisfying security needs and enhancing user productivity, regardless of the user’s physical location.

Register today to learn how PacStar and Forcepoint enable secure access to multiple domains from a single device while delivering the most robust combination of security, flexibility, mobility, usability and reduced total cost of ownership available.



Charlie Kawasaki, CISSP, CTO, PacStar; Robert K. Ackerman, Editor in Chief, SIGNAL Media; Rob Link, Sr. Cyber Engineer, Forcepoint; and Etani Fisher, NCEIS Wireless Engineering Lead, Mission1st Group, Inc.