Mitigating Risk in Real-Time with an Identity Aware Approach


In today’s decentralized workplace, it’s a challenge to safeguard people connecting via personal devices and to protect the data they are working with remotely and in the cloud. We can use Identity Access Management (IAM) to onboard employees with legitimate credentials onto the network—but authenticating and authorizing users isn’t enough to ensure that everybody is acting in our best interests … or is even who they say they are.

Learn how to best protect against compromised identities and how Zero Trust can secure enterprises from the risky behaviors of different users so you can shift left of breach, with tools and tactics including:

  • Multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and other Unified Access Management (UAM) functions
  • Continuous, automated analysis and scoring of user behavior to identify risky users
  • Automated, dynamic responses to risky behavior ranging from warnings and credential checks to limited or full blocking of user access and data usage


SPEAKERS: Leslie K. Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, Lambert ASAP, LLC., Homayun Yaqub, Global Security Strategist, Forcepoint, and Carolyn Ford, Cybersecurity Research Manager, Forcepoint

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