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Modernizing Government Networks with Secure SD-WAN

Government networks must evolve, or other IT modernization and digital transformation efforts will fail. To be successful, you need a new approach to network security and connectivity—a combination of agile, direct-to-cloud connectivity, strong security anywhere your systems touch the internet, and efficient control and management. 

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) should be considered an essential part of IT modernization efforts. In this webcast, learn how SD-WAN can help your agency:

  • Replace or augment MPLS with direct-to-cloud connectivity
  • Increase capacity and availability while accelerating application performance and optimizing network utilization
  • See and act across your entire network, enabling consistent security at every location
  • Protect your people and data on the web and in cloud apps



Jim Fulton, Solution Director – Network Security, Forcepoint
Sean McAnnany, Federal Sales Engineering Manager, Forcepoint