A Necessary Change in the Data Protection Mindset


It is time for a paradigm shift in security. Although trillions of dollars have been invested in keeping external attackers at bay, there seems to be no end in sight to the cat and mouse game between attackers and the security industry; zero day attacks, new vulnerabilities and ever increasingly sophisticated attacks dominate cybersecurity headlines. We need to expand the concept of threat intelligence and indicators of compromise (IOCs). Effective cyber security needs to understand behaviors; those of devices and those of humans in order to help us move left of breach, to identify bad actors early and provide a necessary building block for zero trust access to resources.

Key Takeaways from Discussion:

  • Everyone can agree moving left of breach is the modern cybersecurity path forward, and it’s what every organization wants to achieve
  • Just as cyber threats are dynamic and ever-evolving, so too must be today’s security strategy -- dynamic, risk-adaptive with automated enforcement that stops breaches in real time
  • The cost of a data breach today can be astronomical for businesses – not only significant fines but also loss of revenue, brand trust as well as lost IP that can irrevocably mitigate an organization’s competitive advantage
  • Forcepoint’s differentiated strategy delivers what no one else can – understanding the behavior of people and data on your network while delivering adaptive and automated security response


  • Raffael Marty, VP Intelligence and Research, Forcepoint X-Labs
  • Homayun Yaqub, Senior Strategist, Forcepoint
  • Steve Wright, Partner, Privacy Culture

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