Principles for Board Governance of Cyber Risk


Gone are the days of cyber risk as the sole responsibility of the IT department. Today, we’re seeing ransomware attacks every 11 seconds and more than 80% of organizations that pay ransoms are attacked a second time. With cyber thieves and criminals more sophisticated and aggressive, cyber risks continue to be a top threat and priority for business leaders.

Boards of directors around the world are recognizing that adapting to cyber risk is the cost of doing business today. But how do they move forward?

This webcast brings together cybersecurity experts from the World Economic Forum, Swiss Reinsurance and Forcepoint to provide insights on the realities of cyber risk facing boards today. Our panelists highlight globally applicable principles to aid directors in governing cyber risk. Uncover why enterprise decision-making requires analysis of the economics behind cyber risk.

Join us to learn:

  • The economic drivers and impact of cyber risk
  • Alignment of cyber risk management with business needs
  • How cybersecurity is a strategic business enabler
  • Ways to incorporate cybersecurity expertise into board governance

Watch the Webcast