Protecting Data Everywhere Work Happens


Safeguarding your critical data and IP is a key security challenge for any organization, but one that has become more complex in the era of the work anywhere, hybrid worker. An effective solution must not only extend protection wherever the data is and wherever it is accessed from, but do so in a way that allows business as normal.

In this session, we explore how Forcepoint’s Data Protection solution works to give you back the visibility and control of your data. Topics include:

  • An overview of the Forcepoint Data Protection Architecture and capabilities
  • Key features, including, data classification, 3rd party integrations, unified policy enforcement
  • Risk-Adaptive Protection; how automated and personalized security helps stop breaches while enabling productivity

Presenter: Stefano Artioli

Sr. Consulting Sales Engineer, Data Protection & Insider Risk Solutions, Forcepoint

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