See why interactions between people, data, and technology will drive cyber risk to all time highs in 2019.

Quantifying the Network Operations and Security Results of Switching to Forcepoint NGFW

In addition to protecting the network, NGFWs encourage the safe adoption of newly offered subscription-based services and support ongoing organizational initiatives to modernize network security infrastructure. Security professionals that have deployed Forcepoint NGFWs cite their Cost to Feature ratio, operational efficiency and performance as the dominant factors for their decision.

Watch the webcast with IDC Research Director Rob Ayoub and Forcepoint Director of Product Marketing Jim Fulton as they discuss the state of our current security market and the business value of Forcepoint NGFWs.

This interactive webcast explored Forcepoint NGFW’s effect on:

  • High profile breaches and ransomware
  • Specialized threat analysis and protection
  • SaaS and subscription services adoption
  • The global IT skills shortage

Expert Panel

Rob Ayoub
Research Director, IDC

Jim Fulton
Director of Product Marketing, Forcepoint

Watch the Webcast