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Learn, connect, and collaborate at the Cyber Voice Zero Trust Summit. October 27th.

Risk Management: Managing Conduct Risk in Evolving Work Environments

Do you understand your organization’s overall risk environment? Conduct risk refers to the risk associated with decisions and behaviours of employees and whether they support proper customer outcomes and are fully integrated into the broader framework for risk management within an organization.

During this webinar, Risk Management: Managing Conduct Risk in Evolving Work Environments, learn how to develop a holistic understanding of behaviour and use continuous monitoring to access and protect against risk.

Learn about the nuances of risk intelligence and:

  • Understand how traditional monitoring and surveillance approaches are incomplete
  • Improve organizational efficacy by better aligning compliance and security objectives
    • Get a real-world example of building a picture of conduct risk
  • Establish a people and data centric approach to evolve the organization’s security strategy to more effectively reduce risk exposure