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Learn, connect, and collaborate at the Cyber Voice Zero Trust Summit. October 27th.

Data Discovery and Classification, By Design Part 2 - Simplifying Security Controls

In the 2nd part of the virtual series, the Boldon James and Forcepoint experts will discuss how to simplify security controls.

Organisations are revisiting the way they manage and protect their data, adopting a more strategic perspective than ever before. As they undergo digital transformation, store vast volumes of data and contend with regulatory requirements, many businesses seek parallel protection and labelling solutions for effective control.

Ankur and Martin will reveal how, by pairing Forcepoint DLP and Boldon James Data Classification, you can achieve better business outcomes for your organisation.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Gaining visibility of data within changing environments and workflows
  • How to move from a static to a dynamic approach to policy enforcement
  • Understand how a simple process of clicks, dialogues and business taxonomy reduces frustration and supports business integrity