Slackers, Go-Getters, & Evildoers: Understanding Negative Workplace Behaviors


Even model employees are guilty of exhibiting bad behaviors and understanding them is critical to establishing effective cybersecurity solutions.

In this webcast, the Information Security Forum’s Analyst Daniel Norman hosts Forcepoint’s research scientist Dr. Margaret Cunningham as they explore three different types of rule breakers and try to understand how their motivations can jeopardize security.

Find out what drives your employees actions and learn strategies for mitigating the risks that stem from negative workplace behaviors.


Dr. Margaret Cunningham is Principal Research Scientist for Human Behavior within Forcepoint X-Labs, focused on establishing a human-centric model for improving cybersecurity. Previously, Cunningham supported technology acquisition, research and development, operational testing and evaluation, and integration for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Coast Guard

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