What’s New in Forcepoint DLP?


Expanding data loss prevention to where data resides and people work

In Q4 2021, Forcepoint released the latest 8.9 version of the industry’s most trusted DLP solution, extending data loss prevention to more security vectors, interfaces and data locations, for even more precise control of your data.

In this webinar, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Data Security, Kevin Oliveira, and Head of Technical Marketing, Mattia Maggioli, share an overview of three exciting additions to the Forcepoint DLP solution’s core functionality:

  • DLP for Cloud Email: Extend the industry’s most trusted DLP solution to your email channel
  • Microsoft (Office) 365 Granularity: Get visibility and control into your data across the Microsoft ecosystem
  • Incident Management REST APIs: Enable secure programmatic access to manage incidents within ServiceNow, Splunk, ELK, Postman and many more

Watch now and find out why Forcepoint DLP continues to be a leader in data security solutions.

Watch the Webcast