Is Your Firewall Vulnerable to the Evasion Gap?


The 2017 NSS Labs NGFW Test was startling: despite strong claims of efficacy across the industry, there’s an expanding gap between NGFWs that are truly secure and those that are vulnerable to Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs). Attackers use tricks like these to get exploits and malware into your network undetected.

Want to know where your NGFW falls in the Evasion Gap? You can now use Evader, Forcepoint’s premier, software-based testing environment for evasions, to see how well your firewalls and IPS defenses stand up to AETs.

Join our Evader webcast, hosted by the SANS Institute, and learn how to:

  • How Advanced Attacks Get In: Evasions – Exploits – Malware
  • The Evasion Gap – why it has just opened up
  • Demo of Evasions Getting Through Leading Firewalls