Is your security infrastructure a risk to the business?


As the threat landscape constantly evolves, companies keep investing in new security solutions to counter each new threat type that plagues the cyber world. With each new solution, the infrastructure becomes increasingly complex and fragmented.

These point solutions are not integrated, so security teams investigating an incident are routinely trying to build a picture from multiple data sets and reports—frustrating attempts to quickly mitigate threats. This stems from the fact that in traditional environments, only firewalls and anti-virus solutions were prevalent. Now, many organizations now have dozens of security products from a wide variety of vendors, causing substantial complexity in the environment.

Have we now reached the point where security complexity itself presents a threat to the business?

In this Forcepoint-sponsored computing web seminar, we explore how we got here and look at practical steps that enterprises can take to reduce complexity, manage risk, and speed up incident resolution.

Graeme Burton
Group News Editor, Computing

Duncan Brown
Chief Security Strategist, EMEA, Forcepoint

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