Zero Trust and Data Protection


As with businesses today, cybersecurity isn’t a static concept and to be effective it must continue to evolve with technological advances — be it in mobility, digital transformation, Zero Trust, or the growing sophistication of attackers and their ability to steal what’s most valuable to the organization — intellectual property.

The traditional product-centric security paradigm is contributing to the near record number of infrastructure compromises and data breaches. Today’s distributed work environment requires modern cybersecurity that is proactive, risk-adaptive and delivered through a converged platform approach that understands users and data no matter where they are. Join us to learn more on moving your company left of breach utilizing an approach to security designed for today’s sophisticated threat landscape that provides a seamless path to grow your security capabilities when and where you need them.

Attendees will learn:

  • How understanding human behavior underpins modern cybersecurity strategies to finally move left of compromise
  • Operational benefits driven through the power of proactive and adaptive security capabilities
  • Future-proofing your investment and the value proposition in a SASE converged security platform approach that removes operational complexities and lowers TCO

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