Zero Trust + SASE: A Purpose-driven Approach to Cloud-based Security


Today’s need to support a work-from-anywhere workforce is bringing together two of the fastest-growing trends in IT security: SASE and Zero Trust. Security risk changes and compounds with digital transformation.  As organizations shift more applications and services from on-premises to the cloud, their existing infrastructure-centric security is a mismatch to securing user access and data in this ‘wherever they are’ cloud environment.  

In this webcast you’ll learn how to:

  • Improve user productivity
  • Replace costly legacy VPNs
  • Protect internal networks against compromised devices, users, and Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Gain visibility and control to streamline compliance efforts


  • Chris Gullion, AWS World Wide Public Sector Sales,
  • Amazon Web Services, Jim Fulton, Director – SASE & Zero Trust Solutions

Watch the Webcast