Cybersecurity and the Millennial Workforce

A study commissioned by Raytheon, Forcepoint and the National Cyber Security Alliance about security practices in the new workforce and preparedness for cybersecurity careers among young adults in nine countries.

The ever-evolving era of internet-connected technology has provided the world with unprecedented ways to make our lives easier and more productive. Unfortunately, when everything is connected, everything is potentially vulnerable to cyber threats.

The themes of this report were based on the answers of these young adults. They provide an interesting look into the cybersecurity career field as it relates to millennials:


  • Millennials believe cybersecurity is important; however, they generally practice cyber behavior that could put their employer at risk.
  • There is an increased level of awareness about cybersecurity career options, but that hasn’t translated to a higher interest in the field.

  • Various types of role models are key to inspiring young people to choose cybersecurity careers.

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