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Explore the future of cloud & network security at the 2020 SASE Cybersummit.


Digital Transformation, Network Security and Forcepoint (ESG)

Today, many organizations are pursuing digital transformation initiatives, such as customer experience optimization and operational process revisions, in an attempt to improve product quality and reduce costs. While this effort has led to disruptive innovations like the adoption of cloud and agile software development, digital transformation has also created a variety of network security challenges for IT.

This white paper discusses how:

  • Digital transformation demands IT changes
  • The attack surface will increase significantly due to digital transformation.
  • Cybersecurity infrastructure must offer new levels of scale, management and flexibility

From a security perspective, CIOs and CISOs must recognize that legacy security tools and technologies simply can’t meet the needs associated with digital transformation. To bridge this gap, large organizations will need to embrace new security technologies designed for rapid scale and flexibility.

This whitepaper, Digital Transformation, Network Security and Forcepoint, addresses the challenges that organizations face before they can safely proceed with digital transformation initiatives.