Eradicating Exploits Left of Breach


In the wake of the Sunburst breach, it is important that we analyze how the breach occurred and what lessons learned we can gain to prevent future attacks like this. Now, the key issue facing many companies and agencies is how to most effectively protect and more effectively detect future supply chain vulnerabilities.

Zero Trust has become the headliner as an architecture that will improve commerical and government cybersecurity. However, there’s a lot of confusion about where to start that’s made worse by vendors who are simply using the term “Zero Trust” to market point products. Of course, Zero Trust cannot be achieved be a single product or from a single vendor.

In our new whitepaper, “Eradicating Exploits Left of Breach,” we analyze the Sunburst breach and the vulnerabilities exposed and the lessons learned from this breach to improve cybersecurity. It covers:

  • The methods advisories and nation states are now employing to attack at every available data, network, and system access location.
  • Steps to change the cyber mindset from reactive to proactive to move left of breach.
  • How organizations and agencies can reduce their attack surface with Zero Trust continuous risk adaptive protection.

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