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Forcepoint Consulting Services: User and Data Security Programs

In an IT landscape that embraces cloud and mobility, CISOs and other security professionals’ jobs are more difficult than ever. Data is everywhere, and can be accessed anywhere—vastly increasing the amount of cyber activity happening on networks not owned or managed by the organization.

Forcepoint can help. The Forcepoint Human Point System User and Data Security Program Model helps organizations develop the right human-centric security measures while promoting trust and transparency among employees. Through customized and actionable guidance, our consulting services can help you find the right cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your workforce and your organization.

This whitepaper details the following Forcepoint consulting service areas:

  • Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment
  • User and Data Security Program Design
  • Insider Threat Program Development
  • Insider Threat Operations
  • Insider Threat Workshops