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GDPR - The Final Countdown


With under a year to go until the regulation becomes enforceable by law, Forcepoint has partnered with Computing Research to discover how organizations are prioritizing their GDPR preparations.

100 UK business decisions makers from multiple industry sectors were surveyed on the provisions concerning the right of erasure, personal data transfers and the notification of data authorities and data subjects themselves of data breaches. Responses included:

  • 51% identified article 17, the Right to Erasure, as the hardest to comply with
  • Over half identified the lack of certainty of where data resides as the greatest challenge with Cloud Services
  • The requirement to notify the authorities of a data breach within 72 hours was ONLY ranked by 27% of respondents as being the hardest to comply with
  • 59% indicated they would be providing additional security measures to comply with the GDPR

Read the Computing Research paper, “GDPR – The final countdown” for the full results and a discussion around the issues.

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