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NEW! Cloud Security Gateway — SWG, CASB, and DLP in a single product.

IDC Insight Report - January 2016

Advances in cloud computing, mobility and other disruptive technologies create new ways to move your business forward - they also present new challenges as insider threats and targeted attacks look for new ways to exploit them.

Relying on a patchwork of security products means more complexity for your overtaxed and under-resourced security teams and more risk to your data.

In this report, International Data Corporation (IDC) showcases how Forcepoint solutions and their flexible delivery options let your organization safely leverage the Cloud, mobile devices and other advancements as well as eliminate the complexity of managing a patchwork of point products.

In this report:

  • Analyzing the competitive landscape, IDC highlights the benefits, growth opportunities, and challenges of Forcepoint’s combined product portfolio.
  • See how our Web Security, data loss prevention, network security and security analytics products are complementary and trending toward a cohesive platform.
  • Why Forcepoint analytic platforms for incident response and digital forensics are unique from the offerings of our competitors.

Download IDC’ Forcepoint: "Optimism Rises on Integrating Web Security, Data Loss Prevention, and Analytics Products" report.