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Insider Threat Federal Solutions: The Five Pillars of User Risk Mitigation


Although traditional tools still play crucial roles in safeguarding networks, they no longer suffice as a remedy for insider threats. Organizations need continuous visibility and context for user behavior in order to pursue a more enlightened approach to risk management.

Solutions that pair technology with human oversight empower security teams to prioritize risks, quickly sift through the overabundance of alerts and false positives and launch appropriate remediation and mitigation measures against real threats. “The Five Pillars of User Risk Mitigation” explains how organizations can implement this level of protection while forwarding the organization’s strategic mission.

Implementation of the Five Pillars along with Forcepoint™ Insider Threat Federal enables:

  • Visibility and context into all user activity
  • Defense against both malicious and accidental insider threats
  • Elimination of multiple resource solutions
  • Optimal security with optimal productivity

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