Managing Workforce Cyber Risk in a Global Landscape, by Hogan Lovells


To effectively identify, prevent and mitigate the effects of cyber incidents, organizations need to address both external and insider threats; one way to do this is to monitor the use of information resources. Monitoring of this type promises substantial benefits for cyber risk management, but there are legal compliance issues to be considered by CISOs, DPOs, privacy and security professionals, legal and HR teams alike, particularly when such programs are deployed globally.

To help identify these requirements, Forcepoint has commissioned privacy and compliance experts Hogan Lovells to undertake a global study of the legal privacy requirements for 10 key monitoring use cases, with guidance for 15 countries.

The monitoring use cases include:

  • Email communications and internet browsing
  • Privileged access account use
  • Employee owned devices
  • Behavior on social media and other channels

This paper is an essential guide for all CISOs, DPOs, privacy professionals, security professionals, legal and HR teams who are planning and implementing human-centric security programs.