Mission-Critical Network Security: Evolved


Realize the synergetic potential of integrating traditional firewalls with Forcepoint NGFW.

For governments and businesses continuing down the digital transformation path, next-generation technologies play a pivotal role in modernizing legacy network security infrastructure. IT security leaders should target a next-generation firewall (NGFW) that seamlessly integrates with their current firewall architecture in order to avoid security gaps that could potentially lead to compromise.

Firewalls play a fundamental role in protecting networks, and for decades, Forcepoint Sidewinder proxy firewalls have secured the most sensitive mission-critical environments on the planet. Government agencies, critical infrastructure organizations and commercial enterprises continue to trust Sidewinder due to its unmatched level of protection—there’s simply no other solution that delivers the same caliber of application-level network traffic security.

Forcepoint NGFW now incorporates the best of Sidewinder so you can leverage next-generation capabilities without sacrificing the application-level security you rely on to protect your critical data. Read this whitepaper to gain a full understanding of the benefits of Sidewinder + Forcepoint NGFW.

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