See why interactions between people, data, and technology will drive cyber risk to all time highs in 2019.

Cyber Security in Financial Services: A Complex Threat Requiring a Comprehensive Strategy - An Osterman Report

Most financial organizations have been the victim of a breach in the past 12 months, with 93% of compromises infecting machines in only a few minutes.

Financial professionals and financial services firms – broker-dealers, investment advisors, hedge fund managers and others – face unprecedented challenges and risks when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, many of them are quite unprepared to address these challenges:

  • More regulation and increased scrutiny
  • Increased risk from new threats and more sophisticated threats
  • Greater risk as access to financial information and electronic records is increasingly online and accessed via mobile and other devices.

Learn about the latest trends in financial services and best practices to reduce risk, maintain compliance and mitigate security threats.

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