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Security Intelligence Consulting

Understanding the ever-changing threats relevant to you is a crucial task. Many organizations, however, lack the time, resources and expertise to achieve this themselves. When you need to extend the reach of your in-house resources, turn to Forcepoint for clear, actionable guidance customized to your situation.

Drawing from our customer base of more than 21,000 companies across 150-plus countries, Forcepoint brings unparalleled real-time capability to anticipate, detect and prevent the latest and most sophisticated malware and data theft attacks anywhere in the world. As we put this knowledge to work for you, our purpose is always the same: To help your organization achieve its mission as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The programs listed here and on our Data Security Consulting page meet the needs of many of our customers, but they are only the beginning of what we can do for you. Please contact us using this form to discuss your particular needs.


Customized Threat Intelligence Report

Too many organizations have limited visibility into critical threats impacting their environments. In many cases, reporting from your security products does not provide actionable intelligence related to critical incidents — and the problem only gets worse for organizations with a multi-vendor security environment. This service includes:

  • In-depth analysis of security threats detected over a period of time
  • Cross-correlation with known threat intelligence, threat landscape information and industry/geo telemetry
  • A report with an overview of critical incidents and their impact
  • Actionable information on relevant proactive protection methods

Web Security Policy Analysis

Many organizations make the mistake of applying arbitrary decisions when choosing security policies to apply to individuals or groups of end users. That can lead to the creation of multiple competing policies, unblock URL requests, custom categories, and other wasteful practices that lower staff performance and increase your maintenance costs. Poorly understood policies directly impact your security posture. We will provide you with:

  • Expert analysis of your current policies and user browsing habits
  • Demographic comparisons for your industry and region
  • Evidence-based recommendations related to policy actions, settings and workflows

Custom (Exceptions) List Analysis

Using whitelists and blacklists is a common approach for enabling business in a secure environment. As those lists get longer, though, they can significantly impact the performance of your security products — exposing you to risk. Using our telemetry and expertise, we will:

  • Perform expert security analysis of your whitelist, blacklist, third-party feeds and custom categories
  • Provide detailed information on current URL classifications, historical association, DNS status and more
  • Offer actionable recommendations on effective methods of minimizing custom exceptions

Web Classification Service

Organizations often block unknown websites to protect their environments from unknown threats. Such practices disrupt daily business workflows while driving up support costs. We will set up an automated service that enables your end users to easily generate classification requests for uncategorized websites to be handled by Forcepoint directly.

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