Provide the Necessary Security Required to Enable Fast, Yet Secure Adoption of SaaS Applications for Users

Security for Cloud Providers and Consumers

Cloud computing introduces new challenges to both business and government organizations. For organizations that are transitioning to the Cloud, CISOs may have concerns about how many cloud applications are in use and who are the most aggressive users. They want visibility and control over the applications that are permitted and the ability to restrict to those that are not. Cloud computing can also put data at risk as it moves through different technologies and is accessed increasingly outside of your network. In addition, most cloud-mature organizations require security solutions that are cloud or hybrid deployable in order to reduce their data center footprint - ultimately to zero.

Cloud providers – who are often cloud users as well – face these and other risks when trying to secure data in their cloud data centers. Securely operating hundreds (or thousands) of Linux servers in today’s threat landscape requires endpoint security designed specifically for highly scalable environments. Knowing that you are protected from the latest SSH backdoor, exploits and spy kits will help you to fulfill your business goals and move forward without fear.

Forcepoint™ offers these solutions to help you drive your cloud goals forward:

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