Forcepoint helps protect confidential data in accordance with regulatory cybersecurity compliance requirements worldwide and supports accurate reporting for audits.

Regulatory compliance requirements and vary according to data types:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Protected Healthcare Information (PHI, HIPAA)
  • Credit card information and more

Data protection standards can also differ regionally, ranging from GDPR Compliance in the EU, the NERC-CIP, China's Information Security Technology – Personal Information Security Specification and others. These data protection regulations have a high impact on sectors such as:

  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Government - including local, state and federal
  • Healthcare
  • Retail

These compliance requirements suggest the use of particular controls (e.g., firewalls in PCI). Failure to protect PII can lead to data breaches, resulting in stiff penalties, loss of market share and brand value erosion.

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Top 3 Problems We Solve

  • Reduce the burden of compliance
    Proactively detect and deter unwanted/illegal behaviors, improve effectiveness of front office reviews, and reduce response times for regulatory requests and audits.
  • Simplify monitoring
    Access all data sources in a single location for accurate reporting and compliance. Our platform includes full-spectrum analytics for oversight and investigation, and is not limited by traditionally siloed data streams.
  • Capture human behavior & intentions
    Prioritize high risk individuals and events with the full context of proactive alerts and seamless review of activities for accurate audit reporting.

The Forcepoint Advantage – How We Do It

Forcepoint User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Gain insight into high-risk user behavior and events by evaluating nuanced interactions between people, data, devices and applications, with prioritized timelines.

  • Provide context by fusing data sources into one platform, including communications content, trade activity and alerts from existing trade monitoring systems, and employee enrichment feeds.
  • Apply multiple types of rigorous behavior and content-based analytics focused on change, pattern, and anomaly detection.

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Industry-Leading DLP

Fully integrated with our CASB, Email and Web Security products, Forcepoint’s unrivaled DLP delivers behavior monitoring for Office 365, Azure and more to stop insider threats.

  • Apply behavioral analytics and machine learning to cluster DLP incidents in order of business risk with Incident Risk Ranking (IRR), so your response teams focus on areas of greatest risk.
  • Assess and remediate threats such as fraudulent transactions or cyber sabotage by combining constant user visibility and advanced user behavior analytics.

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Distributed enterprises who switch to Forcepoint NGFW enjoy dramatic improvements in both operations and security efficiencies that cut network expenses as much as 50%, slash downtime and reduce IT risk. (IDC 2017)

  • Enable your branches to go direct-to-cloud so Office 365 & video can be used while segmenting sensitive data / app traffic securely.
  • Gain immediate 360° visibility into what’s happening across your network to accelerate incident response and enforce audit best practices.

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Forcepoint ticks all the boxes for our legal clients, including security, compliance and cost.

Mark Collins
Senior Security Consultant


Enable Your Business with the Human Point System

Move your business forward confidently in a zero-perimeter world by focusing on the one constant in the cybersecurity equation - the human point - where your people interact with your networks, critical business data and IP, wherever they may be.