With people and networks everywhere, the reality is, complete control over data and intellectual property is a thing of the past. Forcepoint’s unique, human-centric perspective shifts the security paradigm to understand behaviors and intent. 

The rapid expansion of public cloud services, remote workers and BYOD has revolutionized how and where data is stored and accessed.

Protect your business as your users become more mobile and personal and business data comingles on removable media and devices.

Detect and protect any and all data with advanced fingerprinting, from large databases to a single instance of PII hidden in documents.

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Top 3 Problems We Solve

  • Secure regulated data
    Protect your data everywhere with a single point of control for all the applications your people use to create, store and move data.
  • Protect Intellectual Property
    Gain the visibility and control necessary to secure your business critical data
  • Identify Risky Users
    Apply behavioral analytics to systems throughout your IT environment with deep visibility at the endpoint

The Forcepoint Advantage - How we Do It

Industry-Leading DLP

Fully integrated with our CASB, Email and Web Security products, Forcepoint’s unrivaled DLP delivers contextual behavioral monitoring for Office 365, Azure and more to stop data loss.

  • Apply behavioral analytics and machine learning to cluster DLP incidents in order of business risk with Incident Risk Ranking (IRR), so your response teams focus on areas of greatest risk.
  • Get a complete forensic view of user actions to identify your riskiest insiders.

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Insider Threat

Forcepoint Insider Threat prevents insider-based data loss and exposes other insider threats, such as fraudulent transactions or cyber sabotage, by focusing on your users’ behavior with data.

  • Secure your data on devices on or off the network with DLP endpoint agent.
  • Gain visibility into risky users’ behavior, wherever they are with Insider Threat agent.

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Distributed enterprises who switch to Forcepoint NGFW enjoy dramatic improvements in both operations and security efficiencies that cut network expenses as much as 50%, slash downtime and reduce IT risk. (IDC 2017)

  • Connect remote offices direct to cloud with high performance for Office 365 & video while segmenting sensitive data / app traffic.
  • Secure traffic into (north-south) and among (east-west) services in cloud data centers.

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CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)

Forcepoint CASB gives you the visibility to eliminate blind spots and data loss from sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps.

  • Implement real-time activity monitoring and reporting with our User Risk Summary dashboard.
  • Assess risks to your data and network from shadow IT, dormant (i.e., inactive), orphaned (e.g., former employees) and external (e.g., contractor) cloud apps.

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The mobile worker continually travels globally on and off our corporate network. This is among the prime reasons why we have to ensure that our IP and data is protected.

Vipin Kumar
Group CIO
Escorts Limited Manufacturing


Protect Your Data & IP with The Human Point System

Move your business forward confidently in a zero-perimeter world by focusing on the one constant in the cybersecurity equation - the human point - where your people interact with your networks, critical business data and IP, wherever they may be.