Secure Your Highly Distributed Network Quickly and Reliably From a Single Console

Network Security

In today’s world, organizations are more decentralized than ever before. Reliably enforcing a consistent set of security policies across your headquarters, corporate locations, divisions, branches, remote offices and even home offices is critical to your business. Even more so is doing all this without an army of people to manually configure and update each device.

Forcepoint™ gives you the ability to manage hundreds or thousands of next-generation firewalls from a single pane of glass. It integrates application control, sophisticated evasion prevention and an intrusion prevention system (IPS) into a single, easy-to-deploy solution.

  • Delivers superior protection against advanced evasion techniques (AETs)
  • Gives you holistic visibility into traffic and security across your distributed network
  • Offers granular and flexible access controls, with optimized workflows to make life easier for your IT security team
  • Reduces security-related downtime by 94%,* with no scheduled downtime required for software upgrades
  • Reduces network infrastructure costs by 30%*

*IDC Value Report, 2014

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