Protecting The Human Point

Securing People and Data is No Longer a Simple Matter

Here’s an alarming statistic: security incidents nearly doubled between 2015 and 2016. That number is even more troubling if you take into account the ongoing increase in security spend, which is expected to top $113 billion worldwide by 2020. A greater investment in security should result in fewer breaches—so why hasn’t that been the case?
In recent years, two major corporate enablement initiatives have presented complex and unfamiliar challenges to cybersecurity experts: the growth of public cloud services and the rise in remote employees. As a result, data is now stratified in private and public clouds, on removable media and in mobile devices, the of latter which often contain a blend of personal and business data.
With both people and data constantly on the move, the traditional “wall and moats” security perimeter has evaporated for many organizations, rendering efforts to lock down technology infrastructure ineffective. It’s no wonder the security industry hasn’t seen real success—we’ve been attempting to solve new problems with an old approach.

A Human Security Perspective

Many of today’s most detrimental breaches have come from inadvertent behaviors by good employees with no intention of harming their organizations. As these incidents have proven, our ultimate vulnerability is not a form of malware; it’s our unpredictable human nature. A person with access to sensitive data—like all humans—changes over time and can transform from a normal user into an “insider,” often without warning.
That’s why it’s time to subvert the current paradigm and move from a technology-led perspective to one that recognizes cyber behaviors are at the center of the security equation. Focusing our efforts on protecting the human point— where people interact with critical business data and intellectual property—is an opportunity to make a profound impact on security and maximize our investments.
Forcepoint is transforming cybersecurity by protecting the human point with intelligent, integrated systems to help security professionals maintain visibility of behavior-centric risk and protect their employees, critical data and IP. Discover how Forcepoint can help you protect the human point.


What is the Human Point infographic

What is the Human Point infographic

The human point survey report

The Human Point Survey Report

The human point survey infographic

The Human Point Survey Infographic


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