Eylül 14, 2021

Get the Inside Scoop on Cybersecurity and Cyber Policy

Lionel Menchaca

Cybersecurity is no longer limited to the simple offense and defense of hackers and IT departments. Today it touches key aspects of society and daily life, from individual personal and financial wellbeing to business success, economic stability, critical infrastructure, political elections, international affairs, White House policy and national security.

In our newest podcast, “Cyber Reporting in the Age of Dis/Misinformation and Escalating Nation-State Attacks,” we explore these issues and more with Washington Post reporter Joe Marks. A veteran of NextGov and Politico, Marks pens the Cybersecurity 202 newsletter, a daily rundown of the most significant cyber headlines.

Marks takes us behind the scenes of his many years covering cyber news, policy and politics. You’ll gain insights into journalism and the reporting process in an age of social media and misinformation – and how cybersecurity is increasingly central to today’s biggest news stories.

Shining a Light on Cyber

Listen for inside-the-Beltway observations on a broad range of cyber-influenced issues:

  • Election security – How lessons learned from security lapses in the 2016 election cycle resulted in far tighter election security in 2020
  • Critical infrastructure – Where the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has made strides but why more effort and investment will be needed to modernize government technology
  • The infrastructure bill – How the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, which includes $1 billion for state and local cybersecurity, will be a huge lift to cash-strapped agencies
  • Tier 2 cities – Why ransomware attackers are targeting smaller municipalities
  • Tier 2 nations – What it will mean when smaller economies further their cyber capabilities – for both offense and defense
  • Surveillance – Why spyware and other cyber monitoring have growing geopolitical implications
  • Privacy – How citizens, industry and government will continue to debate the tradeoffs between ironclad personal privacy and government access to data that can bring dangerous criminals to justice
  • Cyber risk – Why Congress and other government organizations need to better understand cybersecurity from a risk perspective
  • Cyber responsibility – How Congress is coming to believe that agencies not practicing good cyber hygiene should be held accountable if they experience a data breach

Don’t miss our insightful conversation where we take a deep dive with Joe Marks as part of Forcepoint’s To the Point Cybersecurity podcast series, covering today’s most pressing cybersecurity issues!

Lionel Menchaca

As the Senior Digital Communications & Content Manager, Lionel leads Forcepoint's social media and blogging efforts. He's responsible for the company's global editorial strategy and is part of a core team responsible for content strategy and execution on behalf of the company.


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