Data Diode

One-way data transfer for uncompromising network security & protection

External Sharing

Secure one-way transfer with optical isolation

Create boundaries between trusted & untrusted networks by creating a physically secure one-way communication channel. Send data from one secure network to another; data is transferred using light instead of electrical signals, ensuring that data can enter but never exit.

Behavioral Fingerprints

Lower total cost of ownership

Eliminate expensive and time-consuming manual data transfers and easily integrate with our Cross Domain Solutions (CDS). Diodes are easy to deploy and require little to no ongoing maintenance.

Raise the Bar

Comply with Raise The Bar (RTB) guidelines

RTB guidelines state that a CDS will need to ensure unidirectional data flow across a one-way control. Our data diodes meet regulatory standards while enabling rapid, automated data transfer and are designed to work with networks of all sizes.

Data Diode

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Traffic Security

Safeguard one-way data flow

Designed specifically with technology intended to move data one-way, our data diodes allow you to quickly and reliably gather and share data across oceans, battlefields, and offices.

Meet regulatory standards

Use hardware-based diodes to create source and destination separation, ensuring you comply with regulations that require one-directional data flow with physical separation.

Secure file transfer

Enable secure data transfer of various sizes through air gapped networks. Support SFTP and HTTP POST to send the files.

Secure Data

Create physical network separation

A physical boundary between source and destination networks permits the unidirectional flow of data but is otherwise separated. This airgap between networks uses the laws of physics to ensure that networks are safe from attacks, malware, and other threats.

External Sharing

Protect sensitive data sharing

Non-routable data transfer ensures that data is transferred into a higher sensitivity network and that there is minimal risk of data coming back out of that network.

Secure IP

Safeguard communications between system integrators and regulated industries

Send data from a secured segment to external systems and users (e.g. the cloud, a remote monitoring facility, regulatory bodies) without any risk of creating an external threat vector.

Controlled, one-way data flow for unassailable security and RTB compliance
Low total cost of ownership

Data diodes require little to no maintenance & are simple to manage once deployed, reducing operating costs year over year.

High level of customization

Optimized pitcher-catcher software is highly customizable and diodes are available for any specific protocol or data type.

Easy and flexible deployment

Solutions come preconfigured and ready-to-install and require little to no onsite assistance for deployment

Integrates with Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions

Easily meet compliance standards by incorporating data diodes into your existing CDS solution.

Secure one-way transfer with optical isolation

Physical barriers such as optical isolators create an air gap between networks that can’t be jumped with electronic tools.

Handles files of varying sizes

Secure transfer of files across two networks.

Supports local log consolidation

Use diodes for standard operating syslog, binary auditing, and data transfer logging.

Simplifies configuration, operation, and monitoring

Forcepoint’s Intuitive Configuration Interface makes configuration easy. Users can also combine diodes with Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions and Data Guard technologies.

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