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NEW! Cloud Security Gateway — SWG, CASB, and DLP in a single product.

Forcepoint Partner Sales & Technical Training

All Forcepoint role-based sales and pre-sales training has been developed as computer-based training (CBT) so that you can take the training wherever and whenever fits your schedule. Additionally, this training is granular and modular: each module developed with a very specific focus/objective, with each module building upon the previous trainings.

Sales training and pre-sales training Levels 1 and 2 are free of charge for Forcepoint partners. You may view the curricula data sheets listed below.

Log in to the partner portal and click on Forcepoint University Catalog to register for the Sales or Pre-Sales Training courses.

If you are looking for product training, please visit our training pages.

Forcepoint Partner Sales Representative – On-Demand

To assist sales representatives with their day-to-day functions, Forcepoint offers Forcepoint Partner Sales Representative training. This training consists of two levels. Level 1 focuses on learning how to position and engage with Forcepoint, as well as individual product training across the Forcepoint portfolio.  Level 2 looks at how our three solution groups meet today’s prevailing cybersecurity buying outcomes.

Download the datasheet

Forcepoint Partner Pre-Sales Engineer Training – On-Demand

Pre-Sales Engineers are the "jack of all trades" in the Sales world. These highly skilled technical sales professionals are tasked with obtaining the technical win of the sale. To assist these highly skilled technical sales professionals (Pre-Sales Engineers) with their day-to-day functions, Forcepoint offers six separate, Level 1 Certified Forcepoint Pre-Sales Engineer learning plans by product:

  • Forcepoint Partner Email Security Pre-Sales Engineer-Level 1
  • Forcepoint Partner Web Security Pre-Sales Engineer-Level 1
  • Forcepoint Partner NGFW Pre-Sales Engineer-Level 1
  • Forcepoint Partner DLP Pre-Sales Engineer-Level 1
  • Forcepoint Partner CASB Pre-Sales Engineer-Level 1
  • Forcepoint Partner Insider Threat Pre-Sales Engineer-Level 1


As pre-sales engineers advance to level 2 training, our program provides cross-portfolio training to broaden the engineer’s knowledge of our solutions.

Download the datasheet

Course datasheet:

Forcepoint Partner Services Professional

Services Professionals are the technical experts that help ensure the expected value of a Forcepoint product is delivered to the customer.  These professionals typically manage the technical relationships with their customers early in the customer journey and perform the implementation and configuration of Forcepoint solutions in a customer’s operational setting specific to the customer’s needs and requirements.  As solutions are adopted and optimized in the customer’s production environment, the Services Professional may also be a resource to assist the with troubleshooting and issue resolution.  

To support Services Professionals with their development needs, so they are ready to perform to their responsibilities, Forcepoint offers a three-step training journey.

Download the datasheet