Defend Your Organization From the Most Advanced Zero-Day Threats and APTs

TRITON® ThreatScope™

Robust defense of your network requires early, accurate detection of threats — a task that has grown harder as generic attacks have given way to more tailored threats such as phishing and custom malware. That’s why we developed TRITON ThreatScope, which incorporates multiple detection algorithms and sandboxes to detect, isolate and analyze inbound threats in real time.

Advanced Malware Protection for Your Sensitive Data

TRITON ThreatScope powers our Threat Protection products, strengthening your security against targeted zero-day threats and advanced persistent threats (APTs) that may attack through Web or email channels. Malware analysis results are considered along with other TRITON ACE analytics to counter innovative, emerging evasion techniques and ensure accurate identification of threats — before they can jeopardize your data or systems.

TRITON ThreatScope enhances your defenses with four distinct components:

  • Behavioral Engine — Uses proprietary hypervisor technologies to create virtual machines for sandboxing Web and email threats; monitors Web traffic for real-time code analysis while protecting email by intercepting malicious attachments and embedded links at point of click.
  • Heuristic Engine — Applies Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing, or “fuzzy hashing,” for rules-based pattern matching of malicious content.
  • File Context Engine — Analyzes and scores files such as PDFs, Microsoft® Office documents, and most others to determine if suspicious or malicious.
  • Machine Learning Engine — Builds predictive models that detect even supposedly “undetectable” malware in real time.